Poly Wall Adds Butyl to Product Offering

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ENNIS, TX – Poly Wall Building Solutions announced today that it has added Butyl Flash to its product offering.

Adding to its already strong like of window flashing options, Butyl Flash is especially made for both high and low temperature applications. The 20-mil flashing comes in standard 4-inch, 6-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch rolls and can be found at distributors of Poly Wall products and more information can be found at www.poly-wall.com.

“We feel this completes what is a superior line of building materials,” Poly Wall Business Development Manager Dan Thomas said. “This product has been tested and passed all the necessary standards in order to be released to the market. As with all our products, Butyl Flash was developed by us and manufactured by us.”

Some other features and benefits to Butyl Flash include:

• Simple application: On and off the job site quickly.
• Self-seals: Providing a smooth watertight surface around nails, staples and fasteners.
• Waterproofs: Inhibiting mold and mildew in sub-surfaces
• Superior adhesion: Enhancing speed on the job. Improves productivity in a variety of conditions.

About Poly Wall:

Poly Wall Building Solutions manufactures a market leading line of waterproofing and air barrier membranes designed to enhance the integrity of your structure. Our products are all made in the USA and have been tested to withstand the most rigorous requirements in the construction industry. With 60-plus years of manufacturing excellence and a culture only found in an employee-owned company, Poly Wall is committed to quality and performance.