Poly Wall Packaging Announcement

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New and improved packaging unveiled for window/door tapes

ENNIS, TX - Today, Poly Wall Building Solutions Business Development Manager Dan Thomas announced a new and improved packaging format for the company's line of window and door tape product line.

Beginning in April, Poly Wall’s WindowSeal®, Butyl Flash and Aluma Flash window and door tapes will be individually labeled and shrink wrapped in 4”, 6”, 9” and 12” widths. The manufacturing of the products themselves will not be affected, only the way the rolls are packaged.

In addition, new square boxes are being introduced. Details on the new boxing standards are attached. [Read More...]


For more information, contact Dan Thomas at 317-610-1617

WindowSeal® Poly Wall Packaging
WindowSeal® Packaging

WindowSeal®, Butyl Flash and Aluma Flash rolls sizes 4”, 6”, 9” and 12” will all be individually labeled, UPC’d, contain QR code application instructions and shrink wrapped like the packaging seen above.



Poly Wall Packaging
Poly Wall® Packaging


The picture above shows the new roll labeling, shrink wrapping and boxes that will be introduced on all window and door tapes starting in early April.


Aluma Flash Poly Wall Packaging
Aluma Flash™ Packaging


Boxes for all window and door tapes will be square, like the one shown above. See attachment for packaging details. This new cartoning will improve and protect these products from our plant to the job site, Thomas said.