Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap 2300

Blue Barrier™ Liquid Wrap 2300 is a spray applied, fully adhered, permeable, air and moisture building envelope protection membrane. This thin mil, seamless substrate coating can be applied with an approved airless sprayer, power rolled, or hand rolled. Liquid Wrap air barrier products can be sprayed over surfaces and substrates such as OSB, plywood or exterior gypsum.

Blue Barrier 2400 Liquid Air Barrier

Blue Barrier Flash 'N Wrap 2400

Blue Barrier™ Flash 'N Wrap 2400 is designed as a liquid-applied Window & Door Flashing. Easily applied with a roller, Flash ‘N Wrap 2400 replaces traditional window tapes. No more worrying about your tape sticking or tearing when your window is installed. Dries quickly to a tough, permeable, continuous membrane that is durable enough to withstand installation of even the heaviest window or door. Protect your investment for years to come. Coverage rate is 100 SF/Gallon, available in 2 or 5 gallon pails.

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Blue Barrier Joint Filler 2200

Blue Barrier™ Joint Filler 2200 is a structural adhesive and detail sealant used to fill voids and seams and to bond dissimilar materials. Joint Filler can be applied to surfaces and substrates to fill gaps or treat pipes and penetrations prior to applying Blue Barrier™ Liquid Wrap 2300 and/or Blue Barrier™ Flash 'N Wrap 2400.

Blue Barrier 2400 Liquid Air Barrier

Aluma Flash Plus

Aluma Flash™ Plus is a 40-mil rubberized asphalt waterproofing sheet membrane, laminated to two layers of high strength polyethylene film, with a top protective layer of aluminum. The coating is supplied in rolls, with a removable film release sheet, for easy application. Aluma Flash™ Plus can be used in higher exposure houses that require a more robust waterproofing strategy. The protective layer of aluminum provides a VERY long UV resistance exposure time, up to one year, before needing to be covered. Not intended to be used as a roofing material.