PolyWall® Blue Barrier™ Liquid Wrap 2300 is a spray applied, fully adhered, permeable, air and moisture building envelope protection membrane developed utilizing the latest in Silyl Terminated Polyether Technology (STPE). This thin mil, seamless substrate coating can be applied with an approved airless sprayer, power rolled, or hand rolled. Liquid Wrap can be sprayed over surfaces and substrates such as OSB, plywood or exterior gypsum. Coverage rate is 69 SF/Gallon/23 Mil wet, available 5-gallon pails.

Features & Benefits

  • Great replacement for sheet Weather Resistant Barriers
  • Exceptional adhesion/Bonds to multiple substrates (OSB, plywood, gypsum, CMU)
  • Permeable/Allows substrates to breathe
  • Low VOC/UV resistant
  • Wet surface application/Bonds and cures in wet conditions


  • Liquid Wrap™ 2300 can be sprayed, power rolled or hand rolled
  • If sprayed, a Graco® 733 or 833 spray pump (or equivalent) works great
  • If hand rolled use a sturdy roller capable of applying a thicker liquid
  • As an alternate Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ Flash 'N Wrap™ 2400 can be used as an air barrier and applied with a power or hand roller

(Refer to complete Installation Guidelines)

Poly Wall® Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap 2300

Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ Liquid Wrap 2300

Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ 2300 Spray Application