Blue Barrier™ Liquid Flashing 2100

Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing 2100

Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ Liquid Flashing 2100 is an all-purpose, trowel-grade, fluid-applied flashing used to create a weather resistant, fully adhered waterproof barrier system around window and door installations.

liquid flashing products

Blue Barrier Joint Filler 2200

Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ Joint Filler 2200 is a structural adhesive and detail sealant used as a pretreatment to fill voids and seams and to bond dissimilar materials prior to application of the Liquid Flashing of Fluid-Applied Air Barrier products. Joint Filler can be applied to surfaces and substrates to fill gaps or treat pipes and penetrations prior to applying Blue Barrier™ Liquid Wrap 2300.

liquid flashing products

Blue Barrier Flash 'N Wrap 2400

Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ Flash ‘N Wrap 2400 is designed as a liquid-applied Window & Door Flashing. Easily applied with a roller, Flash ‘N Wrap 2400 replaces traditional window tapes. No more worrying about your tape sticking or tearing when your window is installed. Dries quickly to a tough, permeable, continuous membrane that is durable enough to withstand installation of even the heaviest window or door. Protect your investment for years to come. Flash ‘N Wrap 2400 is also used as a permeable air barrier wall coating for thin mil building envelope protection applications. Flash ‘N Wrap liquid flashing products can be roller applied.