PolyWall® Blue Barrier™ Liquid Flashing 2100 is an all-purpose, fluid-applied flashing applied with a gun and trowel used to create a weather resistant, fully adhered air barrier system around window and door installations. It was developed utilizing Silyl Terminated Polyether Technology (STPE). It comes in a 20oz “sausage tube” requiring a “sausage gun” to apply.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use trowel application
  • No mixing needed
  • No primer required
  • Superior shore hardness: Prevents membrane wear and tear
  • Permeable: Allows substrates to breathe
  • High viscosity: Supports gun and spread applications
  • Exceptional adhesion: Bonds to multiple substrates
  • Advanced proprietary technology: Produces durable seamless membrane
  • Environmentally friendly: Solvent free, isocyanate free and low VOC
  • Wet surface application: Bonds and cures in wet conditions


The sequence of installation is:

1. Clean rough opening with brush.
2. Install or prepare back dam or positive slope.

  • Pre-treat cracks, holes or imperfections with Blue Barrier™ 2200 Joint Filler.

3. Use sausage gun with applicable tip to achieve desired bead of material, spread with trowel or
putty knife.
4. Install window or door per manufacturer’s instructions.

(See complete Installation Guidelines)

Florida Construction
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Interview of Poly Wall's Blue Barrier System
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Poly Wall Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing 2100
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