Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ Waterproofing System for ICF Wall Assembly (Numbered Parts)

Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ ICF Waterproofing Membrane

Home Stretch ICF Waterproofing Membrane

Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ ICF Waterproofing Membrane is specifically designed and engineered for use with ICF technology (Insulated Concrete Forms). It is also an excellent choice for use on poured walls, CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) foundation walls and related applications where waterproofing is critical or hydrostatic pressure is present. Home Stretch™ ICF is a self-adhering sheet waterproofing membrane 40 mils thick which consists of a strong pliable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) facing bonded to a rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound that has been proven over many years of use to a be supremely effective waterproofing. Home Stretch™ ICF is available in easy to handle and install 36” wide by 66.7’ long rolls (200 sf / roll) with a disposable treated release liner. Detail tape made of the same design is available to address, transitions and corners. Use Home Stretch™ in a complete waterproofing system with our Shur-Tac™ Primer, Joint Filler 2200, Arroyo™ Drain Board and accessories.

Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ Detail Tape

Home Stretch Detail Tape

Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ Detail Tape is a strong, pliable, self-adhering strip of rubberized asphalt and high-density polyethylene at 40 mils used for inside and outside corners, penetrations, and footer in preparation of applying Home Stretch™ Waterproofing Sheet Membrane.

Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ 2200 Joint Filler

Blue Barrier Joint Filler 2200

Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ Joint Filler 2200 can be used as a detail sealant to fill voids and seams. In this case, it is used as a 3/4" filler at the wall and footer intersection and inside corners on the raw concrete.

Poly Wall® Arroyo™ Drain Board

Totalflow Drain Board

Poly Wall® Totalflow Drain Board is a sheet molded drain that establishes predetermined pathways for below-grade water management. A factory-applied fabric allows water to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles which might clog the core. The core allows the water to flow to designated drainage. Arroyo™ Drain Boards are designed for vertical applications and are great protection layers for Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ sheet and liquid waterproofing products.

Poly Wall® Arroyo™ Outlet Channel

Totalflow Drainage Accessory

Totalflow Outlet Channel

Poly Wall® Totalflow Outlet Channel is prefabricated, high-capacity sheet molded perimeter drainage system constructed using a formed polystyrene core, designed specifically to transition water collected from sheet drains to an outlet drain. The Totalflow™ Outlet Channel system along with end & tee accessories complete your vertical drainage & waterproofing protection system.

Home Stretch Liquid Waterproofing

Poly Wall® Home Stretch Liquid Waterproofing is an elastomeric coating which cures to form a durable waterproofing membrane capable of bridging cracks up to 1/16th of an inch. Home Stretch Liquid is designed for waterproofing concrete, precast concrete, CMU and other vertical surfaces where hydrostatic pressure may be present. When used with Poly Wall’s Arroyo™ Drain Board, Home Stretch™ Liquid Waterproofing provides a complete waterproofing system.

Home Stretch™ WB Liquid Adhesive

Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ WB Liquid Adhesive is a polymer emulsion based adhesive which is specifically formulated to provide excellent adhesion with all the Poly Wall® waterproofing and flashing membranes under many kinds of surface conditions. It is designed for use on dry surfaces to condition them so that the substrate is suitable for the application of self-adhering membranes. Shur-Tac is an integral part of Poly Wall® Self-Adhering Membrane Systems. This liquid adhesive can be used on dry surfaces to condition them to be suitable for the application of Poly Wall® Self-Adhering Membranes and Flashings.

Quick Grip

Poly Wall® Quick Grip is an industrial-grade aerosolized adhesive in a portable spray system. Quick Grip is formulated to adhere to protection courses, drainage composites, rigid insulation, sheet air & vapor barrier membranes, sheet waterproofing membranes, and sheet thru-wall flashings to a variety of substrates. It contains no chlorinated solvents and offers an excellent alternative to methylene chloride-based products. Quick Grip provides a fast and economical solution to most building envelope component adhesive requirements. Requires Canister, Gun and Hose for application of adhesive.