Polyflow® 10 is a sheet molded drain that establishes predetermined pathways for below-grade water management. The fabric allows water to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles which might clog the core. The core allows the water to flow to designated drainage exits. Polyflow® 10 is designed for vertical applications and are suitable as protection layers for Poly Wall® waterproofing membranes.


  • Below-grade relief of hydrostatic pressure over foundation walls, when connected to a passive gravity drain or operational sump.
  • Drainboard serves as a protection board layer for an installed waterproofing membrane and liquids during backfill.
  • Use with Totalflow™ Outlet Channel and accessory outlets for a high-capacity collector and outlet drainage system.
  • Use with perforated pipe outlet drainage system.
  • Poly Wall® Arroyo™ Drain Board

Why Use Polyflow 10?

  • 60 years of successful waterproofing experience.
  • In the construction process there is really only one economical opportunity to properly waterproof the structure. Dry buildings are better buildings.
  • Poly Wall is an employee owned company, where employees expect more of themselves and the company.
  • Made in the USA.

Features & Benefits

• Protects primary waterproofing barrier from damage during backfill.

• Lightweight and easy to install.

• Compressive Strength: 11,000 psf.

• Complements the waterproofing system by channeling water away from structure.

• Economical solution.

French Drain and Foundation Waterproofing System
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