Totalflow™  is prefabricated, high-capacity sheet molded perimeter drainage system constructed using a formed polystyrene core, designed specifically to transition water collected from sheet drains to an outlet drain.


Used for below-grade relief of hydrostatic pressure over foundation and retaining walls. Basic post-applied perimeter drainage and protection course uses include the following:

  • Sheet-applied waterproofing
  • Fluid-applied waterproofing



Why Use Totalflow™?

  • Allows you to create a complete, functioning and properly detailed water removal system.
  • 60 years of successful waterproofing experience.
  • We are an employee owned company, where employees expect more of themselves and the company.
  • Made in the USA.

For maximum effectiveness we suggest adding Totalflow End Outlets & Totalflow Tee Outlets (both are sold separately)

Features & Benefits

  • The high-profile Totalflow™ section has a larger open area than perforated pipe, allowing it to accept higher water flow from the sheet drain and surrounding soil.
  • Totalflow™, with its manufactured transition between the sheet drain and high-profile section, provides a secure flow path not dependent upon as a field-installed connection, as with the perforated pipe.
  • The Totalflow™ ystem is fast and easy to install. It eliminates the select backfill requirements normally required to provide strength to perforated pipe.

Easy Installation

The sequence of installation is:

  • Fast & easy to install, eliminates backfill requirements normally required to provide strength to perforated pipe.

(Refer to complete Installation Guidelines)

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