Poly Wall® Aluma Flash™ Plus is a 40-mil rubberized asphalt waterproofing sheet membrane, laminated to two layers of high strength polyethylene film, with a top protective layer of aluminum. The coating is supplied in rolls, with an easy to remove film release sheet, for easy application. Aluma Flash Plus can be used in higher exposure houses that require a more robust waterproofing strategy. The protective layer of aluminum provides a UV resistance exposure time, of up to two years, before needing to be covered. Not intended to be used as a roofing material.


Aluma Flash Plus is designed to be used as an impermeable wall sheet air barrier, or a repair flashing.

Features & Benefits

  • Resists sunlight and most chemicals
  • Waterpoof
  • Adheres well when used per manufacturer’s installation and performance requirements
  • If the building moves slightly, this elastomeric material will stretch and not tear
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Aluminum surface will reflect heat and cut energy costs

Easy Installation

The sequence of installation is:

  1. Make sure the surface is clean, dust free, smooth, and dry. If surface is dusty, Polybond™ Clear Liquid Adhesive will improve adhesion.
  2. Cut the sheet to size with utility knife.
  3. Put the membrane in place along where you wish to install it.
  4. Pull back a couple of inches of release film from one end, exposing the adhesive surface. Now place the adhesive surface onto the exact area where you wish to install it.
  5. With one end now in place, pull back the release film along the roll slowly. As you expose more adhesive, place the membrane onto the surface. Go slowly at first; you can speed up as you get a feel for how this material works.
  6. When you reach the end of the first section, go back over the surface to make sure that all areas have been rolled down to achieve 100% surface contact. Small wrinkles should be pressed down. Large wrinkles should be cut out and repaired with another piece of material.
  7. When installing the next rolls, be sure to overlap rolls.


Photo credits: www.MattRisinger.com 

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