Keeping air and water (both vapor and fluid) away from and out of residential structures is the key factor to the longevity of buildings and the health and safety of their occupants. While there are unique climate zones covering the United States, climate Zones 1, 2 and 3A (Hot & Humid) historically receive the highest rainfall totals of anywhere in the nation. Builders in these zones are challenged in keeping both bulk water and moisture laden air out of their buildings. “For decades Builders and Building Science Experts alike have debated the issue of Permeable (Vapor Open) vs Non Permeable (Vapor Closed) when it comes to the design of WRB (Weather Resistant Barriers) and Air Barrier systems. Over the years, the market consensus in residential construction moved to the position that a permeable WRB is the solution in all climate zones. Is this right? Does it work? Does this one size fits all climate zones approach really provide the best solution, hot or cold, dry or humid? Allot of questions. In addition, for 10+ years now innovative builders in Austin, Texas have been using PolyWall Building Solutions Aluma Flash Plus self adhering non-permeable membrane as their above grade WRB with great success. How could this be? Are their walls failing? This is a hot/humid climate, how can this be working?

Introducing the A+ Wall System featuring Aluma Flash™ Plus for Climate Zones 1, 2 and 3A.

Poly Wall® Aluma Flash™ Plus is a 40-mil rubberized asphalt waterproofing sheet membrane, laminated to two layers of high strength polyethylene film, with a top protective layer of aluminum. The coating is supplied in rolls, with an easy to remove film release sheet, for easy application. Aluma Flash Plus can be used in higher exposure houses that require a more robust waterproofing strategy. The protective layer of aluminum provides a UV resistance exposure time, of up to two years, before needing to be covered. Not intended to be used as a roofing material.

Features & Benefits

  • Resists sunlight and most chemicals
  • Waterpoof
  • Adheres well when used per manufacturer’s installation and performance requirements
  • If the building moves slightly, this elastomeric material will stretch and not tear
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Aluminum surface will reflect heat and cut energy costs

Available Product

36” x 33.3', 6”x 75’, 9”x 75', 12”x 75'

The Building Science Says…
“Initially developed and tested in Austin, TX Poly Wall’s A+ Wall System creates an impermeable Weather Resistant Barrier envelope that denies bulk water or vapor access to the wall cavity. With no water and lower humidity in the wall, potential for condensation, mold and rot are virtually eliminated. Extensive WUFI analysis modeling structures in Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Miami, FL and Birmingham, AL over a 10 year cycle bare these results out. The test cases: 10 exhibited 1) no evidence of long-term moisture accumulation of individual components, 2) Predicted Mold Index below 3 (lowest visible) based of the latest VVT (Viitanen) model and 3) no evidence of long-term moisture accumulation in the assembly. Air is stopped, moisture is stopped creating a longer lasting, healthier and a more energy efficient building structure. A win-win for builders and owners of this generation and the next!”

Poly Wall® Aluma Flash™ Plus

Poly Wall® Aluma Flash™ Plus exterior wall waterproofing applicaition

Peel and Stick Housewrap System - Plus Recessed Window flashing
Watch this video on YouTube.
Watch this video on YouTube.

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