Poly Wall® ArcFlash Window Flashing is a 70 mil, self-adhering, self-sealing, waterproofing rubberized asphalt tape, laminated to a crimped and stretchable, high-strength polyethylene film backing designed specifically for arched window flashing applications.


ArcFlash is used to flash round-top or custom shaped designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible material can stretch to conform to curved, round or fan-shaped areas
  • Our rubberized-asphalt allows you to create a custom waterproof flashing design on virtually any fenestration design
  • Easy peel and stick tape supplied in rolls with an easy to remove release liner for mess free application
  • Self-adhering, self-sealing, ArcFlash™ tape seals around nails, staples and fasteners ensuring years of trouble-free and maintenance-free performance
  • Superior elasticity resists cracking or tearing over time when structural movement occurs

Simplifies Arched Window Installation

The sequence of installation is:
1. Flash sill & jamb with WindowSeal­®, Butyl Flash or Aluma Flash™
2. Install ArcFlash™ along the radius of the fenestration completely covering the vertical jamb flashings

Available Product

6”x 75’, 9”x 75′