Poly Wall® Polybond™ Clear Liquid Adhesive is a rubber based adhesive in a solvent solution. May be applied by roller or brush. Increases adhesive bond of flashing products to common substrates such as OSB, plywood, concrete, CMU and exterior Gypsum. Available in 1 and 5-gallon containers.


• Prime wood, concrete, masonry, or other surfaces on which Poly Wall
Self-Adhering Membranes and/or Flashing product(s) will be applied.
• Designed to be used in ambient temperatures and surface temperatures
between 25° F (-4° C) and 120° F (49° C). Using Poly Wall’s Polybond Liquid
Adhesive can lower the application temperature of the Poly Wall Self-Adhering
Membrane and/or Flashing product(s) down to 25° F (-4° C).

Features & Benefits

  • Well suited for cooler temperatures when flashing needs additional adhesion
  • Can be used down to 25º F
  • Easy to apply over clean surfaces with brush or roller
  • Inexpensive insurance to assist your window waterproofing system to adhere


Polybond™ Liquid Adhesive may be applied with roller or brush. Apply Polybond™ Liquid Adhesive to a clean, dry, dust free, and frost free surface at a coverage rate of approximately 250 to 300 square feet per gallon. The liquid adhesive should be spread sufficiently. Areas of excess material will lengthen curing time.
For best results Polybond™ Liquid Adhesive should be applied and allowed to become tacky to touch: timing may vary due to atmospheric conditions. At this point the sheet membrane or sheet flashing should be applied. Cover the open containers between applications of liquid adhesive. If adhesive dries and is no longer tacky reapply adhesive.
Limit the Polybond Clear Liquid Adhesive application to what can be covered with Poly Wall Self-Adhering Membrane and/or Flashing product(s) in the same day. Any Polybond Clear Liquid Adhesive application areas not covered with Poly Wall sheet products during the day must be then re-coated with the Polybond Clear Liquid Adhesive.


• Polybond™ Liquid Adhesive vapors are flammable. Polybond™ Liquid Adhesive is an industrial coating and is harmful or fatal if swallowed.
It is marked as a red label flash point product, so you should prohibit flames, sparks, welding and smoking during application. Refer to
product label and Safety Data Sheets for handling, use and storage.
• Solvents could be irritating to the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and contact physician.
• Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor or spray mist from liquid adhesive. If in confined areas, use adequate forced
ventilation, fresh air masks, explosion proof equipment, and clean clothing. Close container after each use. Keep out of reach of children.

Polybond Liquid Adhesive Primer

 Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers