Poly Wall® Aluma Flash™ is a self-adhering, self-sealing, waterproof rubberized asphalt tape, laminated to polyethylene film, with a top protective layer of aluminum to provide protection from UV exposure for up to 2 years. The sheet membrane is supplied in rolls, with an easy to remove film release sheet, for easy application. Aluma Flash is available in 20 mil thickness and a variety of roll sizes.


Aluma Flash products are used to strip in or flash straight window frames, and other construction seams, when additional UV resistance is required. (May be left exposed up to 2 years.)

Poly Wall® Aluma Flash™

Poly Wall® Aluma Flash™ UV resistant Window Flashing

Features & Benefits

  • Especially made for extended UV exposure up to 2 years
  • Simple application: On and off the job site quickly
  • Self seals: Providing a smooth watertight surface around nails, staples, and fasteners
  • Superior adhesion: Enhancing speed on the job. Improves productivity in a variety of conditions
  • Great elasticity: Resists cracking or tearing if structural movement occurs

Simple Installation

The sequence of installation is:

  1. Install horizontal strip on sill
  2. Set window unit
  3. Adhere vertical strips to jamb flanges and sheathing
  4. Adhere horizontal strip to straight head flange and sheathing
  5. Roll all tape surfaces with a hand roller

(See complete Installation Guidelines)